Tension Free Drumming Concepts

Hey Gang!

My complete Concepts of Tension Free Drumming is available on DVD. The system incorporates the best techniques of master drummers of the past plus my own variations and additions that have been battle-tested in over 40 years of drumming and teaching these tension free techniques.

This is the same technique I use and that is used by thousands of my students around the globe.

Each DVD contains 2 Hours of Detailed Instruction

Here’s what’s covered in Volume 1:

  • Dr. Bollard on the dangers of tension
  • Selecting sticks the right way
  • Balance Point
  • Stick Grip
  • Grip Pressure
  • Basic Mechanics
  • Full Stroke Basics
  • Full Stroke Intermediate
  • Half Stroke Basics
  • Half Stroke Intermediate
  • Low Stroke Basics
  • Low Stoke Intermediate
  • Changing Levels
  • Accents Using Levels
  • Finger Isolation (Matched grip)
  • Training Tips
  • Drumset Application

Here’s what’s covered in Volume 2:

  • Finger Drills without Sticks
  • Finger Drills with Sticks (Traditional grip)
  • Finger Isolation (Traditional grip)
  • Finger Glide
  • Stick Walking
  • Secret to Playing Tension Free
  • TigerBill Duet #1
  • Straight Arm Technique
  • Modified Moeller (Basics)
  • Pull Out
  • Modified Moeller (Advanced)
  • Modified Moeller – 2 Hands
  • About Speed
  • Accenting Methods
  • Once-Inch Punch (applied to drumming)
  • Advanced Gladstone Technique
  • Roll Techniques
  • Power Rolls
  • Press/Crush Rolls
  • Grace Note Rudiments
  • One-Handed Roll
  • One-Handed Rhythmic Scale
  • One-Handed Roll (Trad grip)
  • Cymbal Time
  • Wrist, Finger, and Arm Combinations
  • TigerBill Duet #2
  • Tiger Bill’s 15-Second Warm-Up
  • Finger Warm Ups
  • Stretching/Warm-Ups
  • Stretching without Sticks
  • Weight Training
  • Speed and Reaction Time Drills
  • TigerBill Duet #3
  • Drumming Workouts
  • TigerBill Solo Excerpt from BB Kings NYC

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Here’s to your drumming. Stay loose.