PRESS RELEASE: October, 2002

WWW.TIGERBILL.COM — TigerBill’s DrumBeat Web site has long been supplying drummers and percussionists free resources with support from educationally conscientious companies such as Warner Bros. Publications and Hudson Music. The Web site now expands its services to include the mallet percussion community in a one-of-a-kind forum.

According to Percussion educator and performer James Walker, who is the forum moderator, “My goal is to offer an online environment where all issues related to mallet percussion can be addressed, be it the junior high school student learning his first bell part in band, the college percussionist preparing solo marimba literature for his Senior recital, or the professional vibraphonist looking to expand his chord voicing skills. Bill Meligari has done a wonderful job of collecting educational information related to drumming, and I hope that this new Forum will be part of a similar resource for mallet players of all ages and skill levels.

“Tiger” Bill Meligari, founder of TigerBill’s DrumBeat Web site, had this to add, “James Walker has been a longtime contributor to our existing drum and percussion forums and has proven himself extremely knowledgeable in all areas of percussion although his specialization lies in mallet percussion. Even though I knew James to be a capable educator it wasn’t until I heard his solo CD, Rhyme and Reason, that I realized he was also an excellent composer and performer. I’m extremely pleased to have James onboard and I feel that his expertise will greatly enhance the usefulness of TigerBill’s DrumBeat Web site as a free educational resource.” Visit James Walker at the new Mallet Percussion Forum at tigerbill.com.

For further information, contact Bill Meligari at TigerMix Support Desk.