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Congratulations, you found it! This site was created in the prehistoric days of 1998 when Tiger Bill was the Expert Drum Guide running his site on Drums.About.com. In 2000, Bill moved all of his copyrighted material to his own site at TigerBill.com and TigerBill’s DrumBeat has been the premiere portal for drummers ever since.

Drummers come here to look up their favorite famous drummers, enjoy Bill’s exclusive artist reviews, learn drum techniques, check out Bill’s honest product reviews and much more.

Over the years, TigerBill’s original state-of-the-art site has become less than ideal for use on tablets and mobile devices, which were non-existent back in 1998. So TigerBill has been hard at work porting everything over to this modern new format. Eventually, everything that you used to access at TigerBill.com will now be here at TigerBillsDrumBeat.com.

So whether you’re a long time friend and member of you’re new to our site. we like to welcome you aboard. Look around and let us know what you think. If you have any suggestions, we’re open to those as well!

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