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Q: What can this site do for me?

A: This site was originally developed by Tiger Bill Meligari, a former student of Al Germanski, Glenn Weber, and Joe Morello. Bill started the site so his students from around the world would have a place to go to learn and share their own experiences and ideas.

Q: Where did Bill get the nickname Tiger?

A: Joe Morello named Bill the Tiger, due to the speed at which Bill learned everything Joe had to offer. As Tiger Bill recalls, One day Joe told me that there was nothing more he could teach me and there was no one that he would recommend sending me to. He told me to just go out and play! When he said that, I must admit, I was both excited and sad at the same time. Not only did I enjoy studying with Joe but I had forged relationships with many of his students as we congregated and worked out together in the warm-up room, which I dubbed the Bullpen!

Q: What makes this website different from other drumming sites?

A: Aside from the fact that it was the first drum site to contain such a comprehensive collection of free information and lessons, it is a site that was started and is still run by the person who began it all – Expert Drummer and Educator Tiger Bill.

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