Chop Killer Challenge

I originally wrote this chop challenge to measure both drumming speed and accuracy.

Those who entered the original contest were required to send in a video of themselves playing the exercise. The Grand prize package was worth over $400.00 and included a Drumometer, Regal Tip sticks, Warner Bros. DVDs, and some cool clothing from DrumWear. There were also 2nd and 3rd place prize packages. Although the contest is over now, the exercise is still a terrific test of your chops.

Try my Chop Killer Challenge for yourself:

Chop Killer Challenge

If you’re having trouble reading the music, listen to the Chop Killer audio demo below while following along with the music notation:

This exercise is my challenge to you. If you woodshed it, I guarantee it will do wonders for your chops.

Tiger Tempo to shoot for: Quarter-note equals 200 on the metronome. Note: I can play this exercise cleanly at speeds over 200 while relaxed and without tension.

If you have problems reaching these speeds without resorting to muscle tension, I suggest you check out my Concepts of Tension Free Drumming: Hand Technique.

Have fun and stay loose,

–Tiger Bill