Joe Morello Tribute – Learn from his top students and Joe himself!

Joe Morello passed away in March of 2011 and, due to the fact that he was a former instructor and longtime friend of mine (he was the one who nicknamed me Tiger), I produced a live Tribute to him that was a huge hit. It was a first in that it featured many of Morello’s top students in the same place at the same time each offering their take on Joe’s drumming methods and magic. Among the students who appeared were John Riley, Steve Fidyk, Steve Forster, yours truly TigerBill and others.

This video event is nearly 3 hours in length and will give you lots of information and a terrific insight into the techniques of one of the greatest drummers in history. It even includes video of a lesson taught by Joe Morello himself!

And, as an added bonus, this version contains some segments that were not even in the original live event.

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–Tiger Bill