Alfred’s Drum Method Complete Book by Sandy Feldstein and Dave Black

  • Rudimental Studies
  • Roll Studies
  • Reading Studies
  • Actual Drum Parts
  • Contest Solos
  • Bass Drum & Cymbals
  • Traditional Rudimental Style
  • Corps Style
  • Orchestral Style
  • Accessory Instruments
  • Multiple Percussion Techniques
  • Duets

This unique title combines both books 1 and 2 of Alfred’s Drum Method. With details on drum care, drum tuning, stick and drumhead selection and introductions to rudimental, corps (by Jay Wanamaker), and orchestral style playing, this comprehensive method book provides everything you need to become a well-rounded percussionist. Each page is designed as a single lesson, complete with a musical solo passage. Exclusive bonus features include the Vic Firth poster of the P.A.S. International Drum Rudiments.

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