Tiger Bill Releases DVD to Combat Repetitive Motion Injury Caused By Muscle Tension


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NJ, November, 2010 – According to Dr David Bollard, team physician for New Jersey Cardinal Class A team for the past 10 years and a drummer, “The problem with repetitive motion injuries is that most people create a tension in their muscles that causes inflammation to pass through tendons and ligaments causing swelling which causes us to experience pain. Repeated motion causes more swelling which results in more pain. To avoid that type of injury you must stay stretched out and very loose. I’ve been playing the drums for over 30 years and have never had a drum related injury and I credit a lot of that to the Tension Free Drumming concepts I learned from Tiger Bill.”

Tiger Bill’s Exclusive Tension Free Drumming Concepts

Professional drummer and educator ” Tiger” Bill Meligari, winner of the NAMM “World’s Fastest Drummer” Competition, has spent the past 30 years developing a system of drumming that allows musicians to perform at maximum speed with incredible precision, power, and endurance but without the muscle tension that can cause repetitive motion injuries. Tiger Bill, who trains students worldwide, released his first DVD on Tension Free Drumming Concepts for hand technique in 2007, which taught his core techniques. Now he has announced the release of the second volume, which covers his advanced Tension Free Drumming Concepts.

DVD Release Party

Tension Free Drumming Concepts: Advanced Hand Technique DVD Release Party will be held on Saturday, December 4 in Butler, NJ from Noon until 4 PM. For information on how you can join the Tiger for lunch and enjoy a free Drum Clinic afterward, visit our TigerMix Support Desk.