Professional Drummer, “Tiger” Bill Meligari to Give MadPlayer™ Clinics At Summer NAMM Show, Pintech Booth #641, Level 1, July 18-20

New York (PRWEB) July 11, 2003 — Today, MadWaves Corporation (London, Nice, Boston) announced that acclaimed percussionist “Tiger” Bill Meligari will hold special MadClinics™ and performances using the MadPlayer™ at the upcoming Summer NAMM show in Nashville, TN, July 18 –20, 2003. The free “Monster Chops” clinics will be held at the Pintech booth, #641, Level 1 at noon on each of the three days of the exhibition. MadPlayer is a mass-market consumer electronic product that inspires and empowers anyone to make it with music, create and interact with their own beats, music, and songs. Operated by the Company’s proprietary Generactive™ Music Technology, the MadPlayer generates unique, unlimited copyright-free music of exceptional sound quality users can play with, change, listen to and share with others.

Inspired by MadPlayer and Pintech Electronic Drums.

“My inspiration for these clinics came from my work with the MadPlayer, which is a unique musical Swiss Army Knife capable of generating endless royalty-free grooves in the latest musical styles, combined with my work with Pintech’s new Visual Series electronic drums,” said Meligari., who said he has been a MadPercussionist ever since he saw fellow drummer, Johnny Rabb demo the MadPlayer earlier this year. .Rabb is the inventor of the so called “Rhythm Saw” and the revolutionary “freehand technique.” He is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the World’s Fastest Drummer.

After Meligari performs, attendees will be encouraged to test their own chops, and play Meligari’s MadComposition, “Visually Mad Groove for a chance to win a MadPlayer (MSRP $299). He also will provide Monster Chops demonstrations at the WFD area with Rabb, Art Verdi, Jotan Afanador, Mike Mangini and others, located in the Gaylord Entertainment Center at NAMM. “It’ll be a blast, with lots to be learned,” said Meligari, “so stop by and join us, learn about the MadPlayer and show us what you’ve got!”

Best Showcase for MadTechnology.

“Clinics like Tiger Bill’s are the best way to showcase what the MadPlayer and MadTechnology can do at a show like NAMM,” said MadWaves CEO Voislav Damevski, who noted that Tiger Bill not only composes with the MadPlayer, it has replaced his metronome because it creates more interesting, challenging and realistic drum practices. “To have accomplished professionals demonstrating how they use the MadPlayer and the ways in which it enhances and changes their music experience communicates the power of MadTechnology in ways mere words never could. We hope that NAMM attendees take full advantage of this rare opportunity to see how incorporating MadTechnology into their music can inspire and empower people to achieve more musically, while they’re having great fun.”

About Tiger Bill Meligari.

Tiger Bill Meligari is a drummer, performer, author, instructor, clinician, and resident Drum Expert on the network. His Official Web site at and newsletter offers drummers and percussionists a vast resource of free educational material designed to help them become the best they can be. More information about Tiger Bill can be found on the web site, or, contact Bill Meligari via TigerMix Support Desk.

About MadWaves.

Madwaves designs, develops, markets and licenses software and hardware solutions that bring interactivity to digital music. The Company delivers generative and interactive music solutions and interactive products and software, for application to the web, personal computers, consumer/business products and wireless devices. The Company sells and licenses its products to companies that want to add interactivity and generative music features to their consumer digital audio-related products. MadWaves LTD., UK is headquartered in London with its R&D facility in Sophia Antipolis, France; MadWaves USA, Inc. is headquartered in Boston, with offices in New York and San Mateo, CA.

For Further Information.

Contact Laurie A. Rich, MadWaves’ Director, MadComm, in New York at 845.876.6330.