How to Find A Great Drumset Instructor

Difficulty Level: Average / Time Required: Varies

Here’s how:

  1. Read my article Great Drum Set Instructors Are Rare, so you’ll know what to look for in a drum instructor.
  2. Get the names and phone numbers of some local drum instructors from music stores in your area.
  3. Music stores usually have a bulletin board where teachers tack up their business cards. Look for these too.
  4. Google “drum teachers (or instructors) in your town” replacing your town with your actual town and state.
  5. Try the percussion department at local colleges. Instructors there may teach privately themselves or may know of drum instructors who do.
  6. If you haven’t gotten at least half a dozen names, try your local American Federation of Musicians. You’ll find their phone number online.
  7. Once you’ve got at least 6 numbers, call each one and ask them their: rate, length of lessons, playing experience (how long, who they studied with), and what musical style they specialize in.
  8. It’s best to find a teacher who specializes in the style you’re most interested in – unless you can find one versatile enough to teach all styles.
  9. Try to find out if the instructor teaches a complete curriculum (using the tips in Great Drum Set Instructors Are Rare as your guide).
  10. Get a list together of three or more “possibilities” and take a “demo” lesson with each one (they usually offer an introductory lesson often at a discount). Don’t sign up for any long term contracts yet.
  11. Everyone has his or her own teaching style and great players don’t necessarily always make great teachers. Take your time and compare each instructor carefully.
  12. Above all, don’t rush into anything. Take a lesson or two with each instructor on your list until you’ve settled on one you really like.

Tiger Tips:

  • Take your time choosing an instructor.
  • Don’t start taking demo lessons until you have found at least 3 instructors that are good possibilities.
  • Don’t be blinded by super chops. Remember, the best instructors are not always the flashiest or even the best players.
  • It’s important to find an instructor that you’re compatible with as a person as well as a teacher.
  • Use my article Great Drum Set Instructors Are Rare as your guide to verify that your instructor offers a comprehensive course.

Until next time, have fun and stay loose!

–Tiger Bill