DoubleDrum 1: A Double Bass Drum Text

“A great book and a very thorough study, “says double bass drum pioneer Louie Bellson. We tend to agree. 

Designed to take the drummer through all phases of double bass drum development, the book is perhaps the most exhaustive study on this subject ever published. Meligari’s approach is systematic and nicely paced.

This is a challenging book. If you’ve added a second bass, or have contemplated the idea, but simply are not into hours of woodshedding – this book is not for you. If, on the other hand, you’ve decided to put that extra bass to effective use, DoubleDrum will lead you all the way. 

Above excerpts from Modern Drummer Magazine review of TigerBill’s DoubleDrum: A Double Bass Drum Text.

This 42nd anniversary special edition brings you the material as it was printed in 1978, complete with original cover art, photos, and new testimonials/reviews. Here’s what drummers of today are saying about Tiger’s groundbreaking work.


Welcome to 4-Way Coordination & the DoubleBass

This book will not only give you a great head start applying the Double Bass to practical grooves on the drumset, it’s also an excellent guide to 4-way coordination even if you play a single bass-hi-hat combination.

Here’s a small sampling of what’s in store for you inside DoubleDrum: A Double Bass Drum Text:

  • Coordinating the Feet
  • Coordinating Hands with the Feet
  • Independent Hand and Foot Patterns
  • Hand and Foot Coordination in Triplets
  • Jazz-Shuffle and Double Bass Coordination
  • Rock and Double Bass Coordination
  • Incorporating Double Bass in Practical Grooves
  • Advanced Double Bass Solo Ideas

PLUS: Lots of ideas for variations you can play that give you a nearly endless range of exercises to work on.

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