Advance Drum Lesson 7: Tension Free Drumming DVD Trailer

This Series contains the most detailed demonstration of Hand Technique ever produced. If you’re a drummer looking to play at top speed with maximum power, endurance, and precision but without the risk of developing the common repetitive motion injuries, learn the complete system developed by Tiger Bill that allows you to play exactly like he does – with no tension! This is the first time Tiger Bill’s method has been available to anyone outside of his private students. Tiger Bill’s Concepts of Tension Free Drumming: Hand Technique is now available on DVD and Online. Tiger’s system modifies and modernizes the best of the classic drumming methods like including Moeller, Gladstone, and Stone, while incorporating original techniques developed by TigerBill specifically to allow you to maximize your drum chops while remaining tension free. Check out this video trailer then visit the links that follow for more details: Get DVDs USA Only:… Get Online Access Worldwide:…

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