4 x 30-Minute Private Drum Lessons With Tiger Bill

Tiger Bill Meligari would love to help you bring your drumming to the next level.

And now you can take Private Lessons with the Tiger at a reduced cost when you purchase this 4-Pack. This gives you 4 lessons you can use anytime you like within 6 months of date of purchase.

Drummers from all over the globe visit Tiger Bill’s state-of-the-art East Coast New Jersey studio, or take lessons online from the comfort of their own home or studio. Now you can too. All you need for online lessons is a computer with a webcam or a tablet. Also, a high-speed Internet connection with access to either Skype or Zoom, which are both free.

The Tiger specializes in drumset training including hand and foot technique, rudiments, coordination/independence, grooves, music theory, drum chart interpretation, record session how-tos, and more.

Here’s what separates Tiger Bill from the average drum instructor:

  • You’ll be learning from a Joe Morello top student.
  • Morello nicknamed Bill “Tiger” for his rare combination of speed, power, endurance, coordination, and control.
  • Tiger Bill developed the core of his own Tension Free Drumming technique from Morello’s methods.
  • Tension Free Drumming updates classic techniques of Stone, Gladstone, Moeller, and Morello for easier more effective use.

If you are a beginner to drumming, Tiger Bill will teach you techniques that will allow you to play for a lifetime at your maximum potential without injury. If you are a pro, the Tiger can help you break bad habits you may have developed, which cause unnecessary tension, and help you reach specific goals you may want to accomplish. Tiger develops custom training programs based on the needs and desires of each of his students.

How to Register for Your Lessons: If you’re ready to take your drumming to the next level, click the Buy Now button below. After you’ve made your payment over a secure connection by credit card or PayPal, you will be taken to a Web page with the simple steps needed to schedule your lesson.

If you have any further questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact our TigerMix Support Desk.

Stay Loose,

–Tiger Bill